Conspiracies are Real

When you were growing up, did you ever watch shows like survivor island?  At first you realized that it was just a TV show with actors who were placed on an island and were all trying to “out-do” each other.  However, within a short a mount of time, you were fully immersed in the show as if mesmerized by its processes and how there was betrayal, lies, denial, fakeness, arguments, distrust, misconceptions, exaggerations, love, hate, and unexpected events.   Within a short amount of time, these actors realized that they had to form alliances in order to survive in this island.  One person was vulnerable, but if they formed an alliance with another member, they became a bit stronger.  Or Not!  There were times that forming an alliance with enemy proved fatal.  As a TV viewer you watched from your side of the couch going through some very real emotions.  You would watch friends betray each other, alliances being made among enemies who would later betray each other, and the abnormal or unaccepted oftentimes became accepted.  Well….. in life the same things happen and these can oftentimes be called conspiracies.   People in high positions of power and influence oftentimes play games with people who are significantly lower in status than they are.  The judge on the bench who makes over $17,000 a month will never understand how a poor person coming before him/her is feeling.  Many of you watched the “Survivor” show and now watch various political scandals and often ask yourselves: “How can this be happening?”  Stop.  You need to begin accepting that these deals are happening all around you – each and every day.  A corrupt detective will push for a conviction even though he knows that the client could be innocent.  A win on a case will boost his standing in the department and prep him for another promotion.  A biased judge will push for a conviction on a high profile case because she/he knows that this could boost their promotion to higher levels in their organization.  A police officer in traffic court is willing to lie so that the commissioner will find the driver guilty of the traffic offense.  These individuals: Judge, police detective, and police officers are oftentimes called into meetings and explained how important it is to find a person guilty.  When this takes place, you have what is called a conspiracy.  Conspiracies are very real.  The sooner you accept that they exist, the sooner you will be able to counteract their practices and effects.

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  1. Jerry S. Avatar
    Jerry S.

    This is so true! The system is tilted on the side of those in power and we all need to have the right people on our side. Thank you for sharing your thoughts – I’ll keep you in mind for future services. JS

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