Have you ever wished that you could have someone or some issue investigated?

You open the phone book and see lots of Private Investigators.  Who do you call?  
Can you trust them?  Will they do the job that you are willing to pay them to do?  
Look no further!  SpyMyHeart is a one stop location where you will gain insight on 
how to proceed in a number of a family, corporate, employment, dating, marital, 
and other personal areas.  Our state certified private investigators aim to treat you 
with respect and dignity and will aim to keep you informed each and every step of 
the way.  We adhere to high standards of strict confidentiality.

Mission Statement:

SpyMyHeart Investigations Agency (SIA)’ Mission is to protect the programs and interests 
of our clients through active and aggressive investigation skills.  SIA is a complete 
Investigations agency with seasoned law enforcement professionals who will review 
your case and construct an action plan that will fit your needs.  

SpyMyHeart Investigators are results-driven and specialize in several areas.    

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