Teenage daughters…

Many families with teenage daughters will report that at one time or another they were concerned with someone that their daughter was dating or considering dating. Arguments often take place between the parent and these daughters about whether or not the boy they like is worthy of spending time with them or not. Arguments are lost oftentimes because of lack of information. Yes – Information is power. So, take the Smith family who was concerned about their daughter dating a boy whom she met at the Starbucks drive-thru. Sixteen year old Elouise was so happy to have met this older boy who was funny, outgoing and cute. There were the times he couldn’t tell her where he lived or what school he was attending, or what his friends thought of Elouise as a person. Elouise would text him but there would be hours before the text would receive a response. The response was most always short and oftentimes confusing. Either way, Elouise was impressed by the attention from this boy whom she knew basically nothing about. Her mother: Mrs. Smith became concerned and called SpyMyHert Investigations. A license plate check revealed that the car the boy was driving actually belonged to a friend of his. In fact, the boy did not have a valid driver’s license. The boy was actually living in a half-way house because he was on probation for auto-theft. His lengthy criminal history did not stop there. The boy’s criminal career began at age 14 when he burglarized his neighbor’s home and vandalized some of their personal property during the burglary. Lastly, the boy had gotten a girl pregnant five months before meeting Elouise at the drive-thru. The boy was in fact involved in a serious dating relationship with the girl who was now pregnant and this was possibly the reason why he would take a long time to reply to Elouise’s text messages. A meeting was scheduled with a family counselor who spoke with Elouise about the information found by SpyMyHeart Investigations. Both of Elouise’s parents felt that she would have a much better conversation with a family counselor before the subsequent meeting to discuss the boy.
At SpyMyHeart we believe that prevention is key! Why not find out about people before they do irreparable damage to a member of your family? As a parent, your job is to protect your children from all of the influences that exist in today’s world. Yes, you can’t be there each and every time, but why not be there during the times that matter most to you and your family?
Our investigators have access to the same information that law enforcement has. Many of our investigators are retired or former police officers who are results-driven!
If you have a problem with a teenager that requires some investigation, give us a call for a free consultation! (855) 910-4779. Peace of mind served daily!


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