The police told me to change my cell phone number.  Why?  Why should I have to be the one to change my phone number when someone is prank calling me at all hours of the night?  A phone call to SpyMyHeart is all it took to find out who owned the cell phone, their name, address, and company.  I returned to the police with this information and have since filed a formal complaint against my ex.  Thank you for everything you guys do to make life better.   J. H.

When my husband started acting funny, my friend suggested I call SpyMyHeart Investigations.  I didn’t know what to expect but the results were clear, my husband was having an affair and now I had photos and video showing him with his girlfriend.  SpyMyHeart gave me the proof I need to file for divorce.  SpyMyHeart handled my case with respect.  Thank you for your sensitivity during this hard time.  Pam G.

Thank you for helping me track my teenager.  Ever since she started driving we are nervous about what she does with the car.  Now we can check on her whenever we need to and know she is where she is supposed to be!  You have helped us find our peace of mind with a  teenage driver!  John and Cindy M.

I couldn’t understand where my business profits were going.  The books just didn’t add up at the end of the month.  I called SpyMyHeart Investigations to get some advice.  They suggested hidden security cameras and a decoy program.  During their investigation it was revealed that an employee was hiding merchandise in her clothing and walking out of the store with it.  In all SpyMyHeart had video evidence against three employees who were stealing from my company.  With this information I fired the employees.  Since then, I have used SpyMyHeart to conduct background checks on all future employees and now feel confident when I hire someone new.  I found out the hard way that you can’t just take someone’s word for it.  I recommend SpyMyHeart for all your business investigation needs. Richard L.

It is still hard to swallow this entire ordeal, but I am happy that SpyMyHeart Investigations was able to confirm my suspicions.  My wife only admitted to it after she saw the video that I played for her on my computer.  The look on her face was priceless!  Your investigators were on the money and I thank you for all of your hard work.  SpyMyHeart investigators put my mind at ease and handled the situation with the utmost discreetness.  Thank you SpyMyHeart.  Robert B.

“The divorce was final last week and I was able to get pretty much everything that I asked for in the settlement.  As I write some thank you notes, I wanted to include SpyMyHeart becuase you were such a huge part of the positive outcome.  My ex would never have admitted infidelity had I not have shown him the videos and bank statements.  Please thank everyone in your crew that made this all possible.  I will recommend SpyMyHeart Investigations to all of my friends.”  Michelle B.

SpyMyHeart used the latest technology and surveillance during my investigation.  They found the information I needed to prove my case!  My family and I are grateful for the hard work and dedication that everyone at SpyMyHeart Investigations showed us during a very difficult time in our lives.  If you are in a bind and need tough investigators who know their stuff, give them a call.  Anonymous by author’s request

“Please share this candy with your office staff in appreciation for the work you did on my case.  My neighbor’s attorney had no idea that once SpyMyHeart got on the case I would get the truth.  After showing them what your investigators found, they were convinced to drop the lawsuit.  They probably didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of the judge.”  Jennifer H.

My defense attorney would not help investigate my case to expose that I was innocent. Spymyheart investigators exposed that the police was hiding evidence that helped clear my case. DA Investigators are corrupt. Don’t expect judges to be fair. They are not. You need to reach out to investigators who will expose corruption and free yourself from the chains that others placed on you by corrupt officials. Before you give up, give these investigators a call. Anonymous by author’s request.

I read the police report but no one believed me when I said the officer had lied and exaggerated. Then, we hired Spymyheart investigators. These former police offices took the police report apart and conducted interviews that exposed a corrupt police report. Don’t wait for other people to help you – especially when they don’t know what they are doing. Hire experts to go through your case with a fine comb. You want to create a home court advantage for yourself so be selective on how you hire the right attorney. This investigator taught me things I never knew existed. Yes, I do recommend this agency and encourage you to make the phone call. It may give you that home court advantage you are looking for. Anonymous by author’s request.

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