You called the police, but they couldn’t help you?

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that with the current state of the economy, police resources are on the decline.  In the past, police officers would respond to most calls for service.  Within a few years, police became overwhelmed with budget cuts and now only respond to a handful of calls for service.  If you ever been involved in a minor traffic accident, you already found out that they most often do not respond to those.  Another change that has taken place is that when you call most police departments, you get the feeling that you are talking with a Triage nurse in the emergency room at a local hospital.  The nurse will do anything she/he can to get you to leave and just go see your family doctor.  The triage nurse’s job is to ascertain the situation and if it’s not an emergency, to get you to go home and call your family doctor in the morning.  Well, the same concept is happening at most police departments.  Their job is to “close out” all minor police calls for service.  If the call is not an emergency, they talk citizens out of making any type of report and try to hang up the call in the fastest amount of time possible.  But, what if you saw a suspicious car driving around your neighborhood? You wrote down the license place and called the police department.  You want to find out who the car belongs to but, the police officer on the other end tells you “Don’t worry about it.”  We’ll try to send a car out there if we ever have someone freed up.   You hang up the phone and wonder if there is an agency that you could call that could help you without pushing you away.  At SpyMyHeart Investigations, we have the same access to DMV data bases that law enforcement has.  Yes, you can find out who the suspicious car in your neighborhood is registered to.  Yes, you can find out if your ex-wife’s driving license status is suspended.  Yes, you can find out where someone is living so that you can have them served wth court papers?  Yes, you can get video and/or photos of your mate whom you suspect is cheaitng on you.  So, don’t hesitate, call SpyMyHeart Investigations for all of your investigative needs.  (855) 910-4779 (toll-free) 24 hours a day. or contact us via our website:


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