3-9-16 – This day started out as many others with the ModBee reporter missing in action. Looks like he and traitor bowe bergdahl decided to desert together. That’s OK though. The DA will trade five of her best lowlife prosecution witnesses for the Bee reporter. So there is hope after all.

This morning session started off with a representative from 911 emergency services who came to court to bring the original items, one being a CD of the 911 call the other item is the CAD log. Both the prosecution and defense stipulated to the fact that these items will be introduced into evidence for purpose of the preliminary hearing only.

Then the issue of Frank Carson becoming co-counsel with his attorney Percy Martinez came up again. It was determined that at this time Frank Carson has no standing to be able to help represent himself. Mr. Martinez will sign a motion that will be heard on Thursday, March 17, 2016 to allow him to co-counsel. Ms. Ferreira stated that the brief she submitted is insufficient and that she will file a new brief on Monday. It’s hard to imagine someone with Ms. Ferreira’s expertise would embarrass herself by filing an insufficient brief. Stuff happens. Just saying…

Deputy Barringer the stand for cross-examination by defense attorney Rein. As I write this commentary tonight rather than to go into a long narrative I will be using snippets from some of the things said in court today. Marty Carlson and Tom Jensen do a very good job of providing all of the details. Tom Jensen went home ill during the afternoon break but he was there during the rest of the earlier court proceedings unlike the ModBee reporter. So please refer to either Marty Carlson’s or Tom Jensen’s more detailed story.

Deputy Barringer was told to go interview Michael Cooley regarding the disappearance of Korey Kauffman. Cooley stated that the last time he saw Korey Kauffman was on March 30, 2012. Korey Kauffman went to Michael Cooley’s home on a bicycle. Deputy Barringer was asked if he inquired of Cooley if the bike was still there. Deputy Barringer asked to be able to refer to his police report to refresh his recollection which he was allowed to do. After reviewing his report he stated that he had not asked if the bike was still there.

Deputy Barringer asked if the bike had ever been buried Cooley answered no. Deputy Barringer was asked if Kevin Pickett said he went to Michael Cooley’s property to look for the bike. Deputy Barringer again had to review his report to refresh his recollection and he stated no. Deputy Barringer stated that he did not ask a lot of questions because he was told by his supervisor to just take limited information.

Deputy Barringer said that Korey Kauffman was an at risk user of drugs and that Corey’s stepfather Kevin Pickett knew Korey used drugs. Deputy Barringer said that Kevin Pickett told him that Korey Kauffman had no problem with drug dealers.

Attorney Rein got Deputy Barringer to relate that Michael Cooley during the interview always referred to Korey Kauffman in the past tense. Cooley made the following statements: “Korey was my best friend”, “Korey was like a son to me” and ” He was a good kid”. To a reasonable person it would be obvious that Michael Cooley knew that Korey Kauffman was deceased or he would not have referred to him in the past tense.

We know from previous testimony of some of the prosecution star witnesses that Michael Cooley has been described as a violent person and likes to pull knives on people. Cooley was also angry because he thought that Korey Kauffman was trying to move in on Cooley’s girlfriend Eula Keyes. A guy on drugs and mad because he thinks someone is trying to take his woman and always has knives handy would seem to place high on the suspect list.

There was a conflicting statement about the last time Michael Cooley saw Korey Kauffman, one time that night he was going to jump over the fence and it was also alleged that Cooley saw Korey Kauffman walking down Lander Avenue.

Deputy Barringer was then asked about a subject by the name of Rudy Gonzales who had threatened to cut Korey Kauffman’s throat from ear to ear and had also tried to hit him with his car.

Deputy Barringer was asked if he thinks Gonzales might’ve been the “the guy” referring to who killed Korey Kauffman and Deputy Barringer immediately answered YES! Ms. Ferreira immediately objected on some legal grounds known only to her and asked the judge to strike the prior answer which the judge did. But at least Deputy Barringer was honest enough to say that he thinks is a possibility that Gonzales could’ve killed Korey Kauffman.

Deputy Barringer said that he had conducted the interview with Gonzales over the telephone. Gonzales had stated that he gave Korey a large horse trailer and that Korey Kauffman was going to dismantle it, take it to the recycle and then split the money with Gonzales. But Corey never did give that money to Gonzales which is possibly why he threatened to cut Korey’s throat from ear to ear.

Mr. Rein then asked Deputy Barringer if he had seen the missing person poster for Korey Kauffman. Ms. Ferreira immediately objected stating that the information on the flyer lacks foundation.

Mr. Rhine then asked the judge if Ms. Ferreira is arguing with the court? Ms. Ferreira stated I’m not arguing and the judge overruled Ms. Ferreira’s objection. One of the persons in the gallery stated they saw a wambulance standing by just outside the front doors. Just saying…

Defense attorney Hjertson then asked Deputy Barringer if he went to the pop N Cork liquor store and talked to Baljit Atwal. He stated he did. Deputy Barringer admitted under questioning that Baljit’s attitude was courteous and respectful. Deputy Barringer was asked if he had shown a picture of Korey Kauffman to Baljit. Barringer responded he had to look at his report to refresh his recollection which he did and he then stated yes. Baljit stated that he had not seen Korey Kauffman before and that Korey Kauffman’s family had told him about Korey’s disappearance.

It appears that Ms. Ferreira took too many of those pills called “Objectiva” last night before retiring. Objection is getting to be one of her favorite words today. Just saying…

One of the prosecution witnesses by the name Clairdy stated that she had seen Rudy Gonzales try and hit Korey Kauffman with his car. She described it as being black smaller sedan possibly a Pontiac Star fire. Upon questioning Rudy Gonzales denied making threats are trying to hit Korey with his car.

Martha Carlton Magana then asked Deputy Barringer when he joined the task force. Deputy Barringer like many others before him immediately decried calling it a task force. That word is not to be used in this case even though the district attorney herself used the term task force in one of the pleadings she made in this case. Since they have her tacit permission they should go ahead and start calling it a task force. Of course as I mentioned before “task”is a four letter word in this case.

Ms. Magana then began asking questions to impeach Michael Cooley and Kevin Pickett. Deputy Barringer stated that Tony Kauffman had gone to Michael Cooley’s and asked to be able to take the bike home. Eula Keyes stated that he would have to wait until Cooley got home to ask him to take the bike.

Then deputy Barringer said that he had someone named Crystal call Robert Woody to meet with him which he did. There was some testimony that Woody said that Dawn Poma is the alleged “old lady “of Kevin Pickett. There is conversation that they had received the letter from an unknown person stating “it’s taken care of don’t worry about him”. Didn’t get a whole lot more information about that. You might refer to either Tom Jensen are Marty Carlson’s report for more details. Robert Woody said he didn’t know Korey Kauffman and that some tweaker dude dropped off a flyer about Korey Kauffman missing.

Then under questioning by Jess Garcia, deputy Barringer stated that Rudy Gonzales was upset about not getting his money from Korey. Deputy Barringer interviewed Robert Woody with Deputy Crowley with him. Cooley identified Korey Kauffman as a druggie and a scrapper. Michael Cooley stated he is not a thief drug user or a dealer.” Saints be praised “we found a good one. Cooley did state that he was outraged when being accused of being a thief.

During one of the sessions in which Ms. Ferreira was complaining greatly and said something to Jess Garcia, the judge stated “They don’t tell you how to put your case on, don’t tell them how to put their case on”. SLAP SLAP SLAP!!!!! Ooh! That’s going to leave a mark! Well, like the old saying “One day chicken, the next day feathers”. Just saying…

I had to leave in the middle of the afternoon session to go to a Dr.’s appointment so I have no information on what happened in the second half of the afternoon session, but as I said before look for Tom Jensen’s and Marty Carlson’s more detailed report.

I got the title for this commentary “Garbage Pail Kids” when I had a little flashback, and for all you narcs reading this, not from drugs but remembering fads of a few years ago. The current name of this commentary should be “Garbage Pail Thugs” which aptly describe quality of the prosecution’s star witnesses that are non-law enforcement. These thugs not only don’t pass the smell test, they certainly don’t come close to passing the credibility test. Just saying…

March 10, 2016 5:37 pm


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