Private Investigators

Most people only decide to call a private investigator when the situation they are currently enduring has become urgent.  It is this urgency that oftentimes clouds a person’s judgment in selecting and hiring the right private investigator.  One of the first areas to be concenred with is if the attorney on your case and your private investigator are friends.  This is not an ideal situation for your case.  It is important that the private investigator have the freedom to disagree or agree with the attorney that he/she is working with.   We find that attorneys who always work with the same private investigators also fall into the same “friendship” trap.  It is harder to tell a friend that he/she is not doing the right job when they are in fact a friend.  It is much easier to keep the relationship on a business level.  This level allows for both sides to be able to agree or disagree on a course of investigation that may help or hinder the current case  As a client, you do not want to fall into a situation where the attorney and investigator are so confident that they will win your case… that they ignore the very basic purpose of why private investigators are in existence.  Private investigators’ job is to dig, dig, and dig some more.  These investigators are looking for any and all evidence to assist their clients in winning their cases.  Attorneys, on the other hand, tend to just take on new cases as a matter of survival without oftentimes realizing how many hours they will need to commit to such case.  Clients want to win cases, but attorneys realize early on that there are only so many daylight hours to work with.  These attorneys at times fail to delegate various important investigative duties as these may drain their monetary funds.    When the private investigator is independent of the attorney, he/she will be able to do what they do best:  Investigate the case.  Before you hire an investigator, visit SpyMyheart Investigations or call them for a free consultation.  They can be reached at (855)-910-4779 or via their website.


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