New Years’ Resolutions

We all have done it. Starting this year I will ______. Or, starting this year I will not ______. Months later, we find that we are creatures of habit and that many of these new years’ resolutions are wish lists that are oftentimes abandoned three to four months into the new year. So, what can you do to make sure that you actually follow through on these new resolutions? Well, begin with writing them down. Prioritize which resolutions you will keep and which ones are beyond reach. Remember that timing is everything. You shouldn’t create a resolution that you will climb Mt. Everest mountain if you’re experiencing medical or physical issues. Instead, start with an attainable goal. You might say: “Starting Monday I will ten minutes out of my busy day to go for a short walk. I will do this at least three days a week.” Once you have attained that small goal, you may want to increase your walk time to fifteen or even twenty minutes. Remember that the key is to set real and attainable goals and then harness the feeling that you get once you actually follow through with those goals. If the goal is to lose weight, ask yourself: “What can I cut out of my current diet that will make me a healthier person?” You may start by still eating most of the foods but in small quantities. If the goal is to get a new job, you will need to allocate a set time and number of minutes or hours to begin searching for a new job. Always start low: 30 minutes a day to search job listings on Monday, 30 minutes a day to work on my resume(s) on Tuesday and then 30 minutes on Wednesday to apply for some of these jobs.
By setting and accomplishing these goals, you will experience freedom and empowerment. Remember that you are the captain of your own ship. You and only you decide how you will take care of your ship and what direction you will take when the ship begins to endure though storms. Life is not about enduring pain, but looking at ways to minimize and tolerate the remaining pains or difficulties. Do something everyday that, although it may be considered selfish, it benefits you!


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