You don’t know me at all!

“You don’t know me at all!” Kelly said as he told her that ne needed some time away from the family to “sort things out.”  Angry and confused, she wondered who to turn to.  Questions in her mind stemmed from: Could he be having an affair?  to… What can I do?  I have kids, what will happen to them?  How can I support them on a single salary?  He’s not what I thought he was…

Over coffee, she told her office friends about her most recent marriage experience.  Her San Francisco friends listened attentively as she explained the events that led up to their recent separation:  Long time to respond to text messages, phone off – going directly to voicemail, a different perfume on his shirt, or the sparkle makeup that he said came from an innocent hug at the office.  As the conversation went on, Tiffany told her about a twitter account called SpyMyHeart that she had been following.

“The messages on this SpyMyHeart Twitter page made me think about my own relationship.”  I went home and talked to my partner and asked him out to coffee.  “I told John that I loved him and that I also realized that there are lots of social influences out there that were  affecting our relationship.  I told him about SpyMyHeart and we both talked about the importance of being open in our relationship.  He actually just had a friend that had been busted cheating on his wife and realized that this is something he would never do.  Tiffany told her friend to call SpyMyHeart and see what they could do for her.

Kelly made the call and became a SpyMyHeart client.  Although the details on the case cannot be revealed at her request, she did learn a lot of about child support, GPS Tracking, Surveillance, and the legal steps available to her prior to divorce.  SpyMyHeart Investigators work with local attorneys and are very familiar with the California courts system.

Eventually, Kelly’s husband realized that he had awaken a giant.  Kelly chose to seek out information that would protect her interests as well as her children’s interests.  What about you?  Where are you now?  Call SpyMyHeart for a free consultation (209) 310-4779.


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