Will Chief Deputy DA Harris perjure himself tomorrow?

DA witness brags about his criminality and dismissals
By Carmen Sabatino

“A witness for District Attorney Dave Harris. Osborn was brought down from Chino where he is serving a prison sentence.

Scott Osborn, dressed in prison attire, walked into a nearly empty court room in chains. The bailiff led him to the witness stand before the jury filed in.

District Attorney. Dave Harris did his best in attempting to weave Osborn’s testimony into a story he wanted the jury to hear.

Instead, Osborn bragged about his criminal record and the number of crimes that had been dismissed by the District Attorney’s Office
He openly talked about his use of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol
He said he was willing to lie, even to his father, to avoid criminal prosecution.

Source: http://www.backstorynews.com/?p=78


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