Making a Murderer – Modesto (CA) Style

Some of you may remember Love, American Style, the 70’s comedic television anthology sharing prime time Fridays with The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, Room 222 and The Odd Couple.

Times have changed as to what piques the interests of viewers. Now, we have Netflix “web streaming” a ten part docuseries, Making a Murderer.

It explores the underbelly of police misconduct, prosecutorial misconduct, inadequate defense and judicial misconduct, on steroids, pertaining to the prosecution of Mr. Steven Avery for the murder of Ms. Teresa Halbach.

The series suggests that: in Manitowoc County-Wisconsin, Sheriff James Lenk framed Avery for murder, followed by Calumet County DA Special Prosecutor, Ken Kratz , supported by extremely questionable evidence gathered by Detectives Mark Wiegert and Tom Fassbender, gained a conviction to cover up for Lenk (and other police officers).

The Making a Murderer Modesto Style counter parts would be Stanislaus County DA Birgit Fladager, DA Prosecutor Marlisa Ferreira, DA Investigators Kirk Bunch, Steve Jacobson and Dale Lingerfelt.

But, to spare any further plot spoilers I’ll stop there. I do suggest for those that want more info to view a blog, ‘The Most Garbage People In “Making A Murderer,” Ranked In Order Of Their Loathsomeness’. It is worth a few laughs with a caution “adult language used” .[ii]

With the above track laid, let me share with you my Back Story about some eerie parallels between Making a Murderer and the prosecution of a prominent local criminal defense attorney, Mr. Frank Carson for the alleged murder of Mr. Korey Kauffman.

I think you may find that all we have to do is change the names to make it Making a Murderer MODESTO STYLE.

Parallel Universes with a twist

Stanislaus County meets Manitowoc County
Modesto defendants’ combined counsels (including Carson) defense is that the DA’s Office is dealing with an APE (another political emergency) of their own making.

Stanislaus County Supervisor Jim DeMartini guessed publicly on BSN Blog Talk the DA’s office has burnt through over $3,000,000.00 on what has become known as the Carson Fiasco.

DeMartini opined, “I haven’t watched the case very closely, but what I have gotten out of my observation of it is that the witnesses don’t have much credibility. The witnesses are drug addicts and criminals and you can’t believe anything they say….” (DeMartini, BSN blog talk radio, March 2nd, 2016.)

Stanislaus County Supervisor Jim DeMartini
DeMartini says, “trials keep on getting continued for years at a time….when years go by, memories fade, witnesses die. Well, justice is not done when the trials are delayed for 3-4 years….”

There are 58 open murders on the books and more people in jail than ones that are sentenced, according to BSN sources.

BSN’s confidential sources say there is turmoil and a rebellion building in the DA’s office over the Carson prosecution.

AVERY and CARSON have made their county DA’S look bad publicly

Carson has successfully defended many other citizens (including me, See Carson Decl., Pg. 7, ¶16, lns. 9-19) against criminal prosecutions by the DA’s office. (Other citizens: See Carson, Decl. ¶’s, 8, 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26)

Carmen and Carson
Carson and me after my trial. Another politically motivated prosecution lost by the Stanislaus County DA.
Carson had a lawsuit currently pending against Stanislaus County and had sued them before in Federal Court.

Carson filed prosecutorial misconduct and contempt charges (jury tampering) against members of the Stan DA Dept. including Bunch, Jacobsen, Ferreira and Harris. (Carson, Decl., Pg. 11, ¶26-27)

When Avery was released after serving 18 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, evidence came out that indicates that the Manitowoc County Sheriff Lenk concealed such exculpatory evidence since Avery was first imprisoned.

Avery’s attorneys’ defense was that the police framed him for murder to force him into settling his $32 million wrongful 18 year imprisonment lawsuit.

HALBACH and KAUFFMAN were killed in junk yards

Kauffman was allegedly killed in Carson’s junk cars yard.

Halbach was allegedly killed in Avery’s junk cars yard.


AVERY and CARSON were named killers before any bodies found

Stanislaus prosecutors, Marlisa Ferreira and Kirk Bunch determined Carson, et al. killed Kauffman before it was confirmed that Kauffman was actually killed[iv].

In March 2005, Avery was named as “killer” just 154 minutes after Halbach was reported missing.

CARSON and AVERY say the DA’s have a conflict in prosecuting them

It is the professional opinion of many attorneys who wish to remain anonymous (in fear of reprisal to their career) that there was a clear conflict in Stan County DA’s prosecuting Carson because they were defendants and witnesses in the civil case Carson had pending against them.

Avery said that the Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department could not investigate if Avery murdered Halbach because the Attorney General’s Office said Sheriff’s Department had a conflict. Avery had a lawsuit against the Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department and the County. The Sheriff’s Department agreed there was a conflict, but then continued to participate in all facets of the investigation.



Not to leave you on a cliff hanger, but Making of a Murder – Modesto Style will be an updated series.

It is a herculean task to tell you all that I have witnessed while sitting in the courtroom of the Carson proceedings that supports my opinion it is best described as Making a Murderer, Modesto Style.

We are all busy and would all like to get to the bottom line of the story, but there are some things, and I think this is one of them, which requires a few extra minutes of our attention.

I suggest you peruse the statements made under penalty of perjury by Carson in his Declaration to understand why he is saying he is being vindictively framed and prosecuted. BSN has provided an un-stamped copy of the Frank C. Carson Declaration for your convenience.

For what they’re worth, these are my opinions

my opinionIt is my opinion that Modestonians for their own protection need to be concerned about what our DA’s are doing in the prosecution of Carson when there are such damning headings contained in the defendant’s Motion to Dismiss (due to outrageous prosecutorial misconduct, filed by R. Forkner, attorney for DeFilippo) that if are true, are very worrisome.

In my opinion the Motion to Dismiss coupled with the supporting Declaration of Carson (and others) reads like the script to Making a Murderer.

I say that as objectively as I can while revealing my respect for Carson and disrespect for DA’s Fladager, Ferreira and Bunch.

If I was ever to see evidence that would raise doubts in my belief of Carson, at al.’s innocence, I will be the first to say go full board with a trial.

If Frank and the others did what he has been alleged to do…they all must be punished for all citizens’ protections.

If it is Fladager, Bunch, Jacobsen, et al., that are way off the reservation of ethical law enforcement…..then they should be held publicly accountable for the protection of all citizens.

It does not get any simpler than that.

Please check back at my Back Story News so I may try to fill in the gaps to shed light on the workings of our local government.


Carmen Sabatino