Lucy….I can X-plain!

The signs you can’t ignore:

So they are always late and now you smell a new perfume or cologne on them? Hmmmmm…..
They get in the shower before you have an opportunity to catch their smell? Hmmmmmm….
They always come up with an alibi for the reason why they are late. Hmmmm….
They always have a response as to why they are spending lots of time with a co-worker. Hmmm…..
They beg for reasons to go to the grocery store. You call them but – no answer. Hmmmm….
Their text message inbox and outbox is always zero. Hmmmm……
They always delete their incoming and outgoing call logs. Hmmm……
Their sex drive is non-existent or full of excuses not to participate. Hmmmm….
They don’t want to go with you when you go out of town on business or family matters. Hmmmm….
You find sparckle makeup on their face and neck. They hugged someone? Hmmmm…..
They won’t show you the cell phone bill? Hmmmm…..
They can’t explain “missing time frames” or who they were with? Hmmm….

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