Hacking your cell phone calls, texts, browser

A security flaw opens access to the texts you send, the websites you browse, your private phone calls, and even your bank account password.

Tom Ritter, a Security Consultant with ISEC Partners explains how they can operate a cell phone tower and see everything that your phone would send to a cell phone tower: Phone calls, picture messages, text messages, mobile web surfing,

Not everything you do on your cell phone is private. Hackers see your text messages as soon as it leaves your phone but before it reaches the recipients. Outgoing SMS messages can be easily hacked. Data sent from your phone can be hacked to include: sent date/time from what phone number and IP address to other phone number and IP address.

Voice calls can also be retrieved if your phone call is being hacked.

Cell phones use data service to send data messages. Assuming your phone is being hacked/ or bugged, an interception takes place that can view all pictures sent from and received by your phone.

Cell phone towers can be easily hacked by those with minimal or basic computer experience. Femtocells within these towers are on the rise and 50 Million were expected to exist by 20114. 30 of the major carriers worldwide have these Femtocells and are vulnerable to hacks.

To protect yourself, keep your software up to date. According to CNN, you can download apps such as Wicker, or Silent Circle offer more security.

Advice: Always assume that everything that is being said is being intercepted.


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