Family Law Report – Richard Fine Part 2: Miscarriage of Justice & Abuse of Power

Richard first got the judges mad in 1998 when he stopped the salaries of the judges.

Richard was also one of the people who found out that judges were taking money from lecturers. They were using a tax ID number to avoid paying taxes. The CA state bar was going after Richard for exposing the truth.

In 2002 Richard was taking $50,000 a year from each of the judges.

A Judge Yafi became upset at Richard Fine. Judge Yafi issued order that no one could challenge him. Judge admits that he is receiving money from the County. The County was the defendant in front of Judge. Judge had 10 days to respond and doesn't respond. Judge refused to get off the case. Judge then issues an illegal judgment ordering Richardd Fine to pay $40,000 in legal fees. During contempt hearing, Richard Fine put judge Yafi on the stand. The judge, while on stand, admits that he is taking the money personally. During the entire contempt process, judge Yafi holds Richard Fine in contempt. Although the maximum stay for contempt is 5 days, the judge put Richard Fine in solitary confinement. The cell was 7.5 wide, 8 feet high for 18 months. Lights were on 24 hours a day. Temperature in the cell was 50 and 60. It rained inside cell. At times, it flooded.

Deputy Sandoval began rousting Richard's cell. Soon after, Judge Yafi signed an order: "Jails were to be for people who were committing crimes" and then ordered Richard Fine to be released.

Richard Fine's position today is the same. These people are of such a nature that they will do anything and everything to protect their illegal payments. The Judiciary should not have the power to be a kingdom in itself. Voters should require candidate or public official to sign pledge to eradicate judicial corruption.


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