Family Law Report – Interview with Leon Koziol – Child Custody

An interview with civil rights attorney Leon Koziol that exposes the State's financial interest in marginalizing one parent after separation or divorce. The Feds reward the States with matching funds for collecting child support. Consider registering for the family law reform conference this November: People from around the country will be there to discuss how we can work together for meaningful change.

Most courts tend to prefer one parent over the other. Other parent is often demoted to the rank of visitor who is only allowed to see their child on a temporary basis.

New York child custody attorney said the state says that child should have a stable - home environment. Yet, state often replaces the parent's right with other strangers who the state is okay raising the other parent's child. Court believes Dad's are for the weekends and mom is for long-term. There are inconclusive studies that show this to be a shoe horn effect. The system currently makes no sense. The real reason for this is that unequal treatment creates controversy and that's how courts want this to take place. Shared parenting has not been the law. Custody is the law because it is profitable.

Two parents who were lawyers made a mutual agreement, yet the court ordered that one parent should still take the roll of the principal parent. Although the 14th Amendment allows equal treatment under the law, these judges believe they are the paternal person over these child custody matters. The state takes undue control over our children to wage a domestic war between parents. This then becomes profitable for so many people. States are rewarded by given performance grants. The more cases are generated, the more judges are compensated. Court systems benefits from the federal government and child support payments. The federal government participates in this venture. IF you can get money to move between mom and dad, all sorts of people benefit from this. Parents then begin fighting and create more financial rewards. Everyone benefits and judges will always blame it on the parents.

The fault for this is our own government. They profit from this problem. It's about money for lawyers in systems and money for the states. The damage to children and families is astronomical.

The federal government does require states to choose between parents. This is a four billion a dollar a year business. This was the brain child of elected officials who were catering to special interests. Psychologists, mediators, and other court staff all benefit from this practice.

If you are enduring a child custody case, educate yourself on what the laws are early so that you do not get embroiled into a lengthy court battle that will eventually only steer money away from you and your children.


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