Do some Police Lie?

The Innocence Project has caused a release of more than 300 innocent people who were sent to jail by the police and the courts. Falsified police reports, purposely hiding exculpatory evidence, failure to present key evidence to clear individuals are all common day occurrences associated with many who are sent to jail.

A sad reality is that a portion of all police departments are corrupt. Many departments cover up their corruption and eventually leave footprints that can be exposed by private investigators.

Surprising and oftentimes unwarranted surveillance, police misconduct and coverups take place in every state of this great nation. If you suspect that the police lied on a police report or in their investigation, contact SpyMyHeart Investigators and allow us the opportunity to work on your behalf. Seasoned police officers will carefully examine the police report, follow-up investigation, and expose any misconduct found.

Before you waste money on hiring inexperienced investigators with no law enforcement experience, allow our seasoned investigators to review your case and give you the best possible chances at building your defense.


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